Screwdriver V10.5


This sonic was created partially from scratch and partially from old part. The emitter, ball joint, collar, and endcap were all from V10.3. That leaves the main body and the lower body as the new pieces in this design. The main body ridges are handmade which makes them harder to replicate. Luckily, the design was 3D scanned by The Wand Company which is what we have used to recreate the ridges in our design.

The Wand Company laser scanning the V10.5


The assembly of the sonic screwdriver is quite simple. The lower body screws into the main body and a set screw ion ht back keeps them from moving. Then, the emitter screws into the ball join which attaches to an acrylic rod. A collar is slid on top of the rod and the slider is connected below it to keep it from sliding off. The entire thing is slid into the main body, the lens and endcap are added, and you’re done.


Premade Parts:

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