Daisy Board Four


DIY Boards for your own builds!

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These boards are for your own DIY builds! This is board four of four. It plays one sound, the fourteen/fifteen when a button is pressed. Moreover, the fourteen/fifteen sound starts with an activation and ends with a deactivation, regardless of the duration the button was held. You can listen to the sounds in the video in the media gallery. Each board is about 8.5 x 8.5 millimeters and comes with a 10mm 0.5w 8ohm speaker.

The sound loops after around 60 seconds. There’s a short delay until the LED and sound turn back on. However, holding the button for 60 seconds is unlikely as the buzz isn’t the most soothing of sounds.

Due to the nature of the product, these are non-refundable.

The board runs on three LR44 batteries.


Due to an error with the site, please listen to sounds here:


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